Syndicated Morning Radio Shows

Get Your Morning Started With Good Humor

good morningDo you listen to morning Shows? Well let me tell you. you are missing out on a lot of laugh out loud, gut busting entertainment.

Morning shows are variety shows with a mixture of the latest music, latest celebrity gossip, news, friends and family playing phone pranks each other, contest, sketch and a little bit of everything in between. Its also uplifting, inspiring, and motivate listeners who are going through hard time.

Who Host Morning Radio Shows

Unlike other radio shows, which normally have one host, radio morning shows in general has two hosts or a panel of co-hosts with a main host whom the show is named after. They all work together to make the show a perfect blend.

Frequency Shows Schedule State Hosts Website
107.5 WBLS The Steve Harvey Morning Show M-F 6-10am New York,NY Steve Harvey WBLS
Sirius XM Howard 100 The Howard Stern Show M-F 6-10am New York, NY Howard Stern, Robin Quivers
Z100 Elvis Duran Mornng Show M-F 6-10am New York,NY Elvis Duran & morning Crew Z100
Planet 102.3 Kidd Kraddick In The Morning M-F 6-11am Rockport, TX Kidd Kraddick,Big Al, Kellie Raspberry Planet1023
KDWB-FM 101.3 Dave Ryan in the Morning M-F 6-10am Richfield, MN Dave Ryan KDWB
Wild 955 The Kane Show M-F 5:30-10:00AM Juno Beach, FL Kane, Sarah Fraser, Samy K, Erick V Wild955
Kiss FM 96.7 The Bobby Bones Show M-F 6-10am Georgetown, TX Bobby Bones, Lunch Box, Amy 967kissfm
97 Rock 97.1 Bob & Tom Show M-F 8am-1-pm Walla Walla, WA Bob Kevoian, Tom Griswold 97rockonline
T-95 95.1 Todd N Tyler Radio Empire M-F 6-11am Wichita, KS Todd Brandt, Mike Tyler TNTRadioEmpire
DC101 Elliot In The Morning M-F 5:30-9:30am Washington, DC Elliot & The Crew DC101
KRQ 93.7 Johnjay & Rich Morning Show Mon-Fri 7:30-11:30am Tucson, AZ Johnjay Vanes, Rich Berra KRQ
93.3 FLZ The MJ Morning Show M-F6-10am Tampa, FL MJ Kelli 933flz
G-105 105.1 Bob and the Showgram Morning Show M-F 5-10am Durham, NC Bob Dumas G105
The Buzz 94.5 Rod Ryan Show Channel M-F 7-11am Houston, TX Rod Ryan Thebuzz
98.7 Kiss FM Tom Joyner Morning Show M-F 6-10am New York,NY Tom Joyner 987Kissfm
Real Radio 104.1 The Philips Phile M-F 3-7pm Cocoa Beach, FL Jim Philips
860 AM KKAT The Mancow Show M - F10am - 1:00pm Salt Lake City, UT Erich "Mancow" Muller 860TheWolf
95.5 KLOS Mark and Brian M-F 9am-1pm Los Angeles, CA Mark Thompson, Brian Phelps 955klos
1190 WLIB Yolanda Adams Morning Show M-F 5-9am New York,NY Yolanda Adams WLIB
WILD 95.5 The Kevin and Virginia show M-F 10:30-1pm Juno Beach, FL Kevin, Virginia, Marianna, Jason wild955
Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club M-F 6-10am New York,NY Angela Yee,DJ Envey,Charlamagne Power1051fm
Hot 104 104.1 Rickey Smiley Morning M-F 6-10am Hazelwood, MO Rickey Smiley Hot104Stl
Sirius XM Ch.105 The Opie & Anthony Channel M-F 6 am, 3 pm & 8 pm ET Nationwide Thru Sirius Gregg Hughes, Anthony Cumia siriusxm
95.5 PLJ Scott & Todd in the Morning. M-F 6-10am New York,NY Scott Shannon, Todd Pettengill PLJ
99.5 WZPL FM Smiley Morning Show M-F 5-10am Greenfield, IN Dave Smiley,KJ WZPL
101 WRIF Drew & Mike in the Morning M-F 5–10:30am Detroit, MI Drew & Mike WRIF

Each hosts has something to contribute to the show:

  • One reports the news with a twist that makes reporting the news fun and exciting
  • One is for reporting celebrity news, gossip and also responsible for booking celebrities on the show.
  • One plays prank call on unsuspecting listener family or friends at the caller’s request.
  • And last but not least one person who is the joker that everybody picks on and do all the disgusting things that nobody else wants to participate in.


So everybody can find someone to connect with on the show. There are certain morning shows that feature singing contests where listener gets to vote on the best singer from the show website and who ever gets the most votes, win cash prizes. Its Kind of like American idol radio version.

Connecting With The Morning Crewscrew

What I like about morning shows it that it all about the listeners. Even though most radio let listeners call in and ask question, the morning radio shows takes it to another level. They share a close connection with the listener where the host let you talk about your problem, and then hosts open up their problem.

The hosts would sometimes give their own experience and how they dealt with their situation and encourage the caller to keep their heads up. The show gives listeners an opportunity to get things of their chest.

You feel like you are not alone and that everybody has issues . After listening to the show for a while, you will have a sense of bond to the hosts. They will begin to feel like a second family. Like you’ve known them forever.

Other Features of Morning Radio Shows

Certain morning shows will have dating games where a bachelorette would question three bachelors or vice versa a few questions and at the end of the questioning period, he would choose one to go out with on a date paid for by the show. Then they would come back a week later to let the host know if the will continue to date each other.

Various morning radio shows have trick couples into admitting if you are cheating on your spouse by setting them up, while the other is listening on the other line, sometimes the show will give listener opportunity to confess a secret that no one knows about.  All this is happening live as you listen in suspense. There is never a dull moment.

The Many Diverse Format Of Morning Radio Shows

Every morning radio shows has their own version of the similar format so even if you listen to one show; you still want to listen to the others. Sometimes I would simultaneously have different stations on because I don’t want to miss anything
But luckily most of the morning shows are demand so you can catch them at later time by visiting their website and listening to their pod cast or through your cell phone application.

But even if you listen in the morning, the shows are so funny you may also listen to the their podcast because its that addictive.  The way I am describing morning show to you doesn’t do morning radio shows any justice.

You have to tune in to really hear how engaging it is. The shows are that good. Trusts me once you listen to morning shows, you will get hooked. I promise you.